Dressed to Impress - Decorating Your Home with Artistic Style

When you have moved into your new home – you make sure that you get the perfect furniture that reflects your personality. You spend a good amount of time going through various styles, colours and fabrics to match with your interiors. From the living room to the washroom and kitchen to the bedrooms, you have everything laid out well for you and your family.

However, you do feel that something is amiss. There are a few elements missing and you can’t seem to figure out what exactly they are. You can add splash, positive energy, vibrancy and elegance to your interiors with stylish and artistic decor.



With the addition of decorative and aesthetically pleasing pieces to your living space – you can turn your interiors from something bland and boring to absolutely elegant and stylish atmosphere. That is the power of good and artistic decor!

Use your creativity and personal style to elevate the overall appeal of your interiors. At Koala Living, we have a wide range of amazing and visually appealing decor at affordable prices. Lighten up your entire home and your mood.

Wall Arts:

Elevate the appearance and feel of your interiors to the next level with top quality wall arts.

Unique wall arts will help transform the look of even the most ordinary interiors. Let your personality and creativity shine through.

With our collection of wall arts, you can add a finishing touch to your home and create a visually interesting atmosphere. Presently, our online gallery is filled with spectacular wall arts that are available to you in a variety of genres and styles.

To set the mood of any place colour plays a very important role. Vibrant colours will make a place look completely energetic. Meanwhile, blacks and pastel will add depth and sophistry to your living area.

Koala and Living carry a comprehensive collection of wall arts. They are available to you in a combination of subtle and loud colours. You will notice that our wall arts will seamlessly integrate into the blissful spectrum of shades with the work of art.


Smart, creative homeowners and interior designers, rely heavily on the numerous benefits of mirrors to impart glamour and shine to their interiors. Mirrors have now evolved from solely providing reflection. They are available in various different designs and forms and are now employed to make a new fashion statement.

Mirror is an important piece of furniture. It can be hung in any room. From your bedroom and living room to kitchen and bathroom – go ahead and hang a mirror that will make a fine impression.

At Koala Living, we will provide you with exotic range of wall, living room, bedroom, and decorative mirrors. Koala Living is certain – you will find a piece from our collection that will cater to your tastes and needs.


Make a perfect statement with a designer or vintage clock. They would look perfect above the fireplace in your living room, bedroom or even your kitchen. You can also add more interest to the bare walls with an interesting Old Town Clock or Union Hotel Clock from our collection. A Maritime Clock on your study table or in your home library will give out a great sense of charm and style.

The team of Koala Living is a brilliant source for top quality timepieces. From premium brands and manufacturers, you can purchase amazing clocks at affordable prices. Our collection of clocks will perfectly blend with your living space.


Cushions will help you redefine the style and functionality of your interiors.

The appropriate luxury cushions will keep you comfortable and make your interiors look even more appealing. Pick cushions that will bring out the charm of your furniture and perfectly complement your upholstery too. Feel free to experiment with new cushions like classic textures and themes that are popular and in trend with the consumers.

At Koala Living, you will be delighted to learn that we source premium quality cushions from leading brands across the globe. From classic to modern interiors, Koala Living has the right cushions for you.

Stylish objects:

With decorative and creative objects you can make a style statement in your home.

You need to select objects that will have rich hues for your winter interiors and choose light colours for your summer interior decoration.

Check out the vast collection at Koala Living. We have beautiful pieces that are a result of art, passion and creativity. You will notice simple and yet creative decorative objects that are made out of wood, metal and stone. Express your personality through our fine collection – catering to traditional, modern and contemporary styled homes.

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